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My Brows Were GONE!

People always ask me why I decided to #Microblade my brows. Of course, it's always after they tell me how great they look lol I guess the idea of letting someone essentially tattoo your face still blows people away. So it's now my 2nd Summer with my new (Yes, NEW! because I still can't believe the universe invented such magic) brows and I couldn't be more thrilled, relieved, excited, happy, grateful... yada yada yada lol

So my answer to wondering minds is usually the truth but not the WHOLE TRUTH (story of my life) I initially started researching microblading after I saw a post on IG in 2014. I followed and studied the artist but I still wasn't sure. The artist was located in LA which was across the country since I was on the east coast, the procedure was expensive to me at the time, I think it was a little over $700.00 dollars and I was scared that I wouldn't look good afterward. All I knew was that I wanted something done, I mean anything would be better than what I was currently working with, which was a little bush of brow in the front and absolutely no tails on the end. I was tired of buying pencils, pomades, and gels! I was tired of rushing to do my brows if I hit my alarm too many times. I was tired of trying to get the symmetry right on a "bad brow day". I mean who really wants to walk out of the house looking surprised!?! But above all I was soooooooooo tired of spending the night at a girlfriends house having to explain where my brows went after I took my makeup off, rubbing a brow off because I got to close, sweating off my brows because it was hot, sleeping a certain way so that I could ensure I had both brows when I woke up. OMG, The struggle was real! So my answer was/is I was tired of filling them in.

But the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I mean the real deal, the 2 things that sealed the deal and put the nail in the coffin. First, there was a disagreement that I had with my little brother. I can't remember what it was about but I do know it was something small because my brother and I never have issues. Anyway, this day something happened and I was annoyed, I started talking trash and being a smartass. He locked eyes with me and replied: "THAT'S WHY YOU DON'T HAVE ANY EYEBROWS"! My soul was snatched, I was quiet, wtf just happened? I mean he was talking to me like I was some random chick on the street. He cut me! Those are fighting words! Does he no longer respect his elders? At that moment I could've taken his life but he had taken mine first. Man down! I had no words so I said damn, that was messed up. If that wasn't enough for me to say okay it's time for me to get my brows done, then this happened. Summer 2017, I was on vacation and I decided to go snorkeling. In the past I've been swimming, tanning, I've done plenty of water sports and have never had a problem with my brows coming off or smearing. Then this one frightful day I get on the van to begin the excursion, we reached a swimming hole/cenote and afterward I checked and I still had brows. We leave and head over to the river where we would swim to the ocean, I put on my flippers and grabbed my gear. once in the water I was careful to pull the snorkeling mask over my brows or so I thought. We returned to land and grabbed our things I asked my boyfriend if my brows were still good and he said "It's over with", I said "Huh? No, are my brows messed up?" He said "Babe, it's over! Your brows are gone!" I pulled out my phone and turned on my camera and sure enough, he was right. My brows were gone, and when I say gone, I mean GONE! There was nothing left, not a trace of the waterproof pomade that I applied earlier that morning. Thank God I had a hat in my bag because I don't know how I would have finished the last part of the excursion with my bare naked brows.

Now if you were wondering why I used the word relieved earlier now you see why. Getting my brows #Microbladed has cut down on the time it takes me to get ready. I no longer fill in my brows when I apply makeup, I swim, sweat, wipe my forehead without a care in the world. I don't own any brow products and I wake up every day with BOMB brows. #Microblading & #Ombrepowder brows are the best thing since sliced bread and I couldn't be happier!


Next time I'll share how I lost my brows in the first place.

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