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After Care Instructions

 Aftercare compliance is very important for producing a beautiful and lasting result.  Please follow the guidelines as instructed by your technician to obtain the best results.

  • No water, cleansers, creams, makeup, or any other products on treated area for 10 days or until all peeling is done.

  • Keep the area LIGHTLY moist using a q-tip with sterile Aquaphor (very lightly and not overly greasy).  Apply as needed ONLY when it feels dry or itchy. 

  • Expect slight swelling and a little redness in the immediate area. This will subside in a few hours.

  • If slight crust appears on the pigmented surface, DO NOT force removal by picking or scratching.

  • Don’t be alarmed if color comes off on the q-tip when applying the ointment -- this is normal.

  • Avoid hot, steamy, long showers (leave the door cracked opened if you are able to).

  • Avoid working out for the next 7-10 days or until all scabbing has completed.

  • No makeup on or around the brow area during the healing process.

  • Avoid tinting of brows for 3 weeks following the procedure.

  • The procedure may have some peeling on or around the 4th day.  This is a normal process of healing for some clients.  DO NOT PICK! Picking can cause scarring and loss of color.

  • Avoid sun for 7 to 10 days following the procedure.  It is suggested to wear a hat if you are expected to be out in the sun for a long period of time.  Do not let the brim of the hat touch your brow area.

  • Be mindful of how you sleep, if you can avoid sleeping on your side or stomach, it is suggested to do so.  Sleeping on your back is recommended.

  • Avoid chlorine pools, saunas and Jacuzzis, hot yoga, hair dryers, and any steam-like environment etc.

  • Avoid Retin A, Renova, Alpha Hydroxy, Glycolic Acids, Aloe, and Vitamin E products.

  • No Gardening for the first 3 to 4 days to prevent possible infection.

  • If you are planning a chemical peel, MRI, or other medical procedures inform them that you have had an iron oxide cosmetic tattoo.

  • You must wait 1 year after any tattoo to give blood.  This is state specific – you can check on the American Red Cross to see the rules for your state.

  • Lasers can cause pigment to turn black.  Avoid the procedure site.

  • After you have healed, use a good sunscreen daily to help prevent premature fading of all procedures (wait to do this after your touch up session).

  • If any signs of infection occur, abnormal swelling, redness or pain associated with the procedure, call your physician and please give us a call.


The application of permanent cosmetics can be a 2 to 3 step process.  Do not judge your procedure while in the healing stage.  It may require a touch up or multiple touch-ups as everyone heals differently.  The procedure area has to heal completely before we can address any concerns.  Healing takes about 4 weeks.

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